Customer Case

DPD is training agents 25% faster with Polly's omnichannel solution


Discover the leading company in parcel delivery: DPD

As a leading service provider, DPD Netherlands delivers standard and express parcels day in, day out, for thousands of satisfied customers.
They are experts in the Dutch market, and form part of the international DPD network. Communication with clients, prospective employees and journalists is a priority at DPD.

The Challenge

Handling complex questions with care

Although 80% of customer calls are relatively common and simple to respond to, the other 20% are more complex. Not only are these complex queries hard to answer, providing an incorrect response can lead to an increase in costs and customer dissatisfaction.

​At the operational level, DPD wanted to improve first-call resolution, reduce call handling and wrap-up times and minimise repeat calls and escalations.

The Solution

DPD Boosts Customer Experience with Multilingual Self-Service Solution from Polly.Help

In order to deliver an informed and personalised customer service experience, DPD appointed Polly.Help to provide knowledge management technology and best practices in customer service processes.

​Polly’s knowledge management solution is trusted by numerous enterprises to improve contact centre performance, boost service quality and enhance customer experience.

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DPD Achieves Rapid ROI through a Reduction on Training Time

A service excellence mindset is firmly entrenched in DPD’s business and Polly’s knowledge management solution is playing a key role in enabling it. DPD has achieved a more than 30% decrease in operational contacts, due to the multilingual web-self-service portals.

In addition, Polly’s knowledge management solution has reduced agent training time by 25%. The reduction in call handling time is enabling agents to handle a larger number of calls.

-30% operational contacts

-25% agent training time