Customer Case

BCC Enhances Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Polly.Help


Empowering Electronics Retail: BCC

As a prominent player in the electronics retail landscape, BCC stands as a subsidiary of the Mirage Retail Group, known for its innovative retail concepts like Blokker, Big Bazar, and Intertoys. With a history rooted in the Netherlands, BCC’s 71 physical stores and online presence cater to the tech-savvy consumer, offering an extensive array of electronics backed by expert advice.

The Challenge

Elevating the Customer Experience

BCC sought to elevate customer experiences, optimize operational efficiency, and deliver personalized customer-centric service. To achieve these goals, the need for a unified system providing consistent access to critical knowledge was apparent. The existing knowledge silos were inhibiting their ability to meet these objectives effectively.

The Solution

BCC Adopts Polly.Help's Knowledge Management Platform

After meticulous vendor assessment, BCC selected Polly.Help to streamline their knowledge management ecosystem. Polly.Help offered a unified knowledge base solution that enabled self-service capabilities and integration with emerging communication channels like chat and social media. Implementation occurred in stages, beginning with the deployment of an API-based web self-service portal, followed by the establishment of internal knowledge portals for BCC employees.

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Transforming Efficiency and Satisfaction

The integration of Polly.Help’s solution yielded remarkable outcomes. Knowledge accessibility improved for both agents and customers, leading to heightened satisfaction levels. BCC observed substantial enhancements in customer experience (CX) and agent experience (AX). Within just three months, key success metrics were exceeded, showcasing a remarkable 15% surge in first-time resolution rates, a 25% reduction in handle time, and a 19% decrease in escalations. Remarkably, the return on investment (ROI) was achieved within five months, underscoring the platform’s effectiveness in enhancing performance and customer satisfaction.

19% decrease in service escalations

25% improvement in average handle time

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