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Revolutionizing Customer Support: Omrin's Journey with Polly.Help


Omrin's Pioneering Role in Waste Management and Sustainable Energy

Omrin, a leading Dutch waste management and environmental company, has been at the forefront of waste processing and green energy production in the Friesland region since its establishment in 2009. This case study explores Omrin’s critical role in waste management and its collaboration with Polly.Help to overcome knowledge management challenges.

The Challenge

Fragmented Knowledge Management in Omrin's Customer Contact Center (KCC)

Omrin serves 18 municipalities in Friesland, providing a wide range of services, from waste collection to green energy generation. The Customer Contact Center (KCC) plays a pivotal role in managing customer inquiries. However, before integrating Polly.Help, Omrin faced a significant challenge in delivering consistent and efficient customer support. Information was scattered across documents and text files, leading to inconsistencies in responses.
The Solution

Implementing Polly.Help for Streamlined Knowledge Management

To address these challenges, Omrin sought a centralized knowledge management solution. Enter Polly.Help, a platform designed to streamline knowledge sharing and enhance customer support. The implementation process involved creating a comprehensive knowledge base within Polly.Help, ensuring that all relevant information and policies were readily accessible to support agents. Polly.Help’s professional services team guided Omrin through the platform’s configuration and provided valuable insights for structuring the knowledge base optimally.

Omrin has integrated Polly.Help into its website, effectively expanding its reach to the communication department. This integration includes the refinement of knowledge articles tailored to various communication channels, ensuring a consistent message across the organization.

Additionally, Polly.Help facilitated the expansion of Omrin’s self-service offerings. This included the introduction of a user-friendly waste management app that empowered users to schedule pickups, request services, and receive timely reminders.

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The Power of

The introduction of Polly.Help’s knowledge management platform at Omrin brought about transformative results. Firstly, it significantly reduced the onboarding time for new Customer Contact Center (KCC) employees. With Polly.Help’s intuitive system, new team members could confidently handle inquiries independently within a week.

Moreover, the implementation of Polly.Help ensured that customers received consistent and accurate information, eliminating previous disparities that sometimes arose due to scattered data sources. The platform also streamlined content updates. Employees found it easy to suggest modifications or additions to knowledge articles, guaranteeing that the information remained current and relevant.

35% reduction in onboarding time for new hires 

25% decrease in contact center volume

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