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Less operational contacts, improved quality of the customer service, and a reduction of the training time of agents.


A centralised and multilingual knowledge database, less emails and incoming calls, and an increased customer satisfaction.


Successful improvement in the CX and performance, more accurate and accessible knowledge and more customer and employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Polly Kennismanagement

  • Improved customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.
  • Less volume, reduced workload and costs of the customer service.
  • Improved customer experience, efficiency, and upsell opportunities.
  • Less training time, time to competence and costs.
  • Increased turnover, competitive advantage and sales.

A.s. Watson

Consistent omnichannel service, less inbound contacts and growth of web sales.
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Do you also want to achieve similar results?

Is your company or organisation also looking for a knowledge management solution that, among others, provides a better customer and employee experience, less training time, and reduced costs? Polly knowledge management will help you.