Knowledge management for your law firm

Polly legal knowledge management (KM) offers the ideal solution for producing, structuring, sharing and retrieving knowledge within your law firm. Your company’s knowledge multiplies daily with thousands of documents stored in your database. Furthermore, the quick-paced nature of law firms minimises the ability of interpersonal exchange of knowledge and experience. Having a legal knowledge management system in place harnesses the collective wisdom of your employees while ensuring that information and knowledge are structured and preserved. Polly law firm knowledge management software supports your business’s efficient and successful operation.

Why use legal knowledge management?
Legal knowledge management ensures that all knowledge within your law firm is obtained, structured and shared safely. Think of a senior partner with years of experience; their knowledge can now easily be recorded and shared with no physical communication required. Everyone can access information, and new or junior attorneys can learn and benefit from it quickly and efficiently. Deploying legal KM reduces your firm’s costs while maintaining its outstanding efficiency.

Avoiding losing your knowledge
Law firm knowledge management system is an essential tool ensuring smooth and efficient operation of your organisation. Seeking and applying knowledge is part of every legal profession. Likely, your junior attorneys are continuously looking into documentation and the work of senior colleagues to find precedents for their cases and offer the best advice and value for your clients. By deploying legal knowledge management, you significantly reduce the risk of knowledge loss while facilitating the extraction of the right information without actual physical communication. Senior partners can easily record their valuable knowledge in the knowledge base (aka knowledge repository) so that their knowledge remains available to other colleagues even after their departure.

Employees work more independently and make quicker decisions.
Our legal knowledge management system provides knowledge at your fingertips. Over the years, your firm has assembled a vast database of legal documentation. But what documents are up to date and best-in-class? When using Polly law firms knowledge management software solutions, your lawyers, especially junior attorneys, have easy access to a well-structured knowledge base at any given time. By providing information, you ensure your employees can make accurate decisions independently without consulting with a senior colleague.

Legal knowledge management for your firm

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your employees while reducing business costs and providing an excellent service your clients expect? Polly offers tailor-made law firm knowledge management software – a cloud-based software ensuring your firm’s knowledge is clearly structured, retrieved and shared within your organisation and with your clients (if needed). Do you want to know what we can do for your firm? Request our brochure here or contact us.