Knowledge management in healthcare

Knowledge management (KM) is an essential tool within healthcare, a knowledge-driven sector. The concept of knowledge management enables health providers, like GP’s, hospitals and other organisations, to efficiently structure, create, store and (re)use knowledge to improve their services, offer the best patient care, develop more innovative medical solutions and meet global healthcare standards. Having a knowledge system in your healthcare enterprise allows you to harness collective medical wisdom and make informed decisions. Besides, KM enables you to keep your costs within your budget. Polly knowledge management in healthcare supports your organisation’s efficient and successful operation.

Improve your medical service with a knowledge management system in healthcare.
Polly knowledge management system in healthcare provides you with the essential tools to meet medical needs and offer high-standard patient care. By utilising collective medical knowledge within your organisation, you offer your employees timely access to relevant information and enable their decision making 24/7. Now, your employees can find the right answers and provide informed advice, and your patients can receive quick and accurate responses even by email or chat.

Increase your customer service efficiency and accuracy with Polly knowledge management in healthcare.
Our knowledge management in healthcare offers your organisation many benefits; increasing your customer service employees’ efficiency while cutting your overall operating costs is one of them. Having access to the right information means your customer service employees spend less time searching for answers and your patients have shorter calls, less waiting time and better customer experience.

Simplify and standardise your internal processes with Polly knowledge management software.
Polly knowledge management software tracks internal processes. Now, you can easily standardise medical forms and documentation and simplify procedures across your organisation. Having KM in place offers the most up-to-date documentation at your fingertips.

Polly knowledge management system in healthcare promotes innovation within your organisation.
The essential benefit of Polly knowledge management system is eliciting, collecting, structuring, and sharing information. Now, your organisation can build upon shared knowledge and innovate. You will find smarter and quicker solutions enabling your medical employees to do their best work and your customer care employees to offer a consistent and improved customer experience.

Knowledge management for your healthcare organisation.

Do you want to achieve operational excellence and empower your medical employees with informed choices while reducing your overall business costs? Polly offers tailor-made knowledge management software in healthcare – a cloud-based software ensuring existing knowledge is well structured, retrieved and shared across your organisation. Do you want to know what we can do for your organisation? Request our brochure here or contact us.