Knowledge management in hospitality

Knowledge management in the hospitality industry is an essential tool for gaining a competitive advantage, improving your employees’ performance, and providing your customers with a premium-quality experience.

The hospitality industry, which includes hotels, resorts, tour operators, carriers, tourism agencies and more, is centred around one paramount aspect – customer experience. A knowledge management system helps your employees meet your customers’ needs, expectations and demands while ensuring an excellent experience. Polly knowledge management software in hospitality offers cost-effective solutions and supports your organisation’s efficient and successful operation.

Increase your customers’ satisfaction with Polly KM
Our knowledge management software enables your front and back-office employees to easily access and retrieve collective knowledge, shortening customers’ waiting time (in real life, over the phone or by email), offering them superior and knowledgeable service, and ensuring their overall satisfaction. Therefore, your customers are more likely to return or recommend your organisation.

Polly hospitality knowledge management system improves your customer service efficiency and accuracy.
Hospitality is a knowledge-based industry. Polly KM system provides accessible knowledge. Over the years, your organisation has assembled a vast database of policies, procedures, manuals, forms, etiquettes and other documentation. When using Polly hospitality knowledge management software, your customer representatives have easy access to a well-structured knowledge base across your whole organisation. Having the right information at hand, they can make accurate decisions independently and quickly, providing your customers with the most suitable solutions.

Gain competitive advantage with Polly knowledge management system for the hospitality industry
Polly knowledge management system allows you to gain key insights into your customer’s data and utilise that valuable knowledge to develop market leadership, discover new business opportunities and offer products and services adapted to your customer’s actual needs and demands.

Knowledge management for your hospitality organisation.

Do you want to offer exceptional customer service, equip your employees with easy access to accurate and up-to-date information and collect market insights while reducing your overall business costs? Polly offers tailor-made knowledge management software in hospitality that allows storing, structuring, centralising and retrieving knowledge across your organisation—wondering what we can do for your organisation? Request our brochure here or contact us.