Polly knowledge management for your organisation

What is knowledge management (KM)?
Polly knowledge management offers the ideal solution for structuring and sharing knowledge within your company or organisation. When your company grows, your organisational knowledge multiplies. Also, your senior employees process a great deal of valuable knowledge, which could offer multiple benefits to your junior employees when shared. The Polly knowledge management system ensures that information and knowledge are always recorded, organised, shared and preserved successfully and efficiently. With our cloud-based software, you record and structure both documented knowledge and your personnel’s undocumented knowledge in digital portals, which are easy to access and use.

Why use knowledge management?
Knowledge management ensures that all organisational knowledge is stored and available to your employees across the company. Think of a colleague with years of experience or an employee whose expertise is unique; thanks to Polly KM, their knowledge can now easily be recorded and shared with no physical communication required. Forget about asking colleagues for information; everyone in the company can instantly access information, and new or junior colleagues can learn and benefit from it quickly and efficiently.

Besides providing and sharing information within your organisation, knowledge management has many excellent benefits, including:

  • Preservation of knowledge,
  • Making independent, informed decisions,
  • Improved customer service.


Preservation of knowledge
Imagine: one of your most valuable and experienced employees suddenly leaves your organisation. Having knowledge management in place is essential to preserve their knowledge within your company and avoid years of experience being lost. By deploying knowledge management, you significantly reduce the risk of knowledge loss. Employees can easily record their valuable expertise in the knowledge portals to remain available to other colleagues to learn and benefit from even after their departure.

Employees work more independently and make quicker decisions.
Knowledge management systems provide knowledge at your fingertips. Your employees have access to a well-structured knowledge base that they can easily search from their desks and at any given time. By offering quick access to information, you ensure your team and employees can make decisions independently without consulting with a colleague or supervisor. That, in turn, increases their proactive thinking and productivity. Suppose you want to limit access to information. In that case, our knowledge management software has easy-to-use features allowing you to manage and segment user profiles and the amount of information they may access.

Improve your customer service with knowledge management.
Polly knowledge management enables you to create, collect and analyse reports on your customer service department performance and eventually improve it. Your customer service representatives and chatbots benefit from knowledge management, gaining instant access to the right information. Your employees do not need to spend their valuable time on simple questions now answered via your self-service portal; instead, they can focus on more complex issues.

Polly Knowledge management for your company

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