Polly knowledge management system for your organisation

olly knowledge management system (KM) is a game-changer for companies and organisations. The KM structures available knowledge, ensuring it is quickly retrievable and easy to share with internal and external parties. With Polly knowledge management tools, you can set up a knowledge base (aka knowledge repository) and make it quickly accessible to everyone within your organisation.

Why use knowledge management tools?
Polly’s KM tools significantly improve customer service. Thanks to our knowledge management software, knowledge is always within reach, even for your chatbots. When used for customer self-service, the KM assists in quickly providing better answers to more generic inquiries, enabling your customer service representatives to work more efficiently and have more time to focus on complex cases.

In addition to an improved customer experience and service, Polly’s knowledge management system has many other advantages, including:

Our knowledge management system is user friendly.
Polly’s knowledge management tools are functional, easy to integrate and use. Our straightforward management console allows content administrators and other employees to get started right away. Polly’s KM is multilingual; advanced search functions, such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and type tolerance are supported in more than 75 languages, making searching easy.

Our knowledge management tools are cost-effective.
Your company’s operational and support costs decrease when deploying the Polly knowledge management system. A chat with a customer service representative costs more time and money than a conversation in the customer self-service environment. You don’t need to expand your customer service team with our knowledge management solutions. Your employees do not need to spend their valuable time on simple questions now answered by a chatbot; instead, they can focus on more complex issues.

A knowledge management system persuades your potential customers to get on board.
Your potential customers want to find the right information as fast as possible. When using our knowledge management software tools, you ensure they quickly come across the information they need and discover the benefits of working with your organisation. Providing the right informative content quickly and easily can turn a potential customer into a buyer, resulting in conversion.

Polly knowledge management systems for your company

Are you looking to increase your customer satisfaction and employee efficiency? With Polly’s knowledge management systems, the possibilities are endless. The cloud-based software solution ensures your company’s knowledge is always within reach and shareable. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Request our brochure here or contact us.