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The power of Polly Knowledge Management

With the knowledge management of Polly you ensure a consistent customer experience on any channel. With Polly you have numerous possibilities and the flexibility to fully design and manage a knowledge base as you wish, and subsequently manage and share knowledge.

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Knowledge management

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The involvement of customers and employees will be improved by powerful out-of-the-box functions and integration possibilities of Polly knowledge management.


Our advanced content findability capabilities provide accurate results from both internal and external repositories. Are issues more complex? Then resolution guidance services ensure that both customers and employees can find the right information quickly.
Content is better found with our search function with Artificial Intelligence (AI), that can be fine-tuned to stunning levels of precision and efficiency. Thanks to advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) you will not only find answers to your questions that are exactly the same as in the knowledge database, but also to questions formulated in other ways.
Knowledge management by Polly ensures that knowledge can be structured fully and logically to meet the needs and search behaviour of customers, customer service representatives, and employees. With Polly you have the opportunity to set up several different knowledge databases each with their own taxonomy structure. With lots of navigation options you serve several business units, departments, locations, brands or languages logically. 
Do you serve customers with self-service? Make sure they will receive interactive help from decision trees. The decision tree technology of Polly provides guided interactive help to customer service representatives ensuring compliance and providing the right service. Resolution guidance delivers step-by-step guided assistance for more complex processes, procedures, and troubleshooting.


Knowledge portals ensure that escalations will be avoided and provide access methods, such as most-popular content, taxonomy browse, resolution guidance, and intelligent search. These access methods ensure that solutions for customer inquiries on a selection of the knowledge base can be found.
Polly offers the opportunity to customise knowledge portals. A knowledge portal can be fully customised to the needs of an organisation and you can choose for public availability or secure access. A knowledge portal can be used on its own or embedded within business systems to exchange information. In this last case auto content suggestions are provided based on the interaction context.
If clients seek information they cannot find, they can submit a request through supported channels. A built-in deflection mechanism ensures that unnecessary escalations to the contact centre are avoided. Therefore issues will only enter the customer service if no matching content is found by knowledge management or the client.
Do you want to serve several subgroups? This is possible with content personalization. It can give priority users access to internal content and can provide simpler and more explicitly detailed information to new users such as recent hires. It can also be used to create clearer dividing lines between information that is available to different teams and departments. So that content is only available to those who have access. 


To keep content up-to-date, accurate, and relevant, Polly offers extensive editorial opportunities and workflows. Customers and employees can evaluate information and suggest improvements, for example by working together. Also internal feedback loops can be used.
In the knowledge base there can be found in creating content in the form of articles. The knowledge management platform of Polly provides a comprehensive WYSIWYG-editor to create and design content as desired. Is there more complex content required? Authors can also use a full HTML-editor.
In the knowledge database users will get a user role, like administrator or author. With this role they can only carry out a defined set of actions. The authorisations to carry out specific actions can be managed for every user group. When entering content there is an approval process. This ensures that new or updated content can go through a review stage, before it is published on knowledge channels.
The built-in feedback loops allow customer service representatives, employees, or customers to rate content, and to provide suggestions for improving the content. This feedback is valuable to the administrators and authors as part of the effectiveness of the provided information.


The Polly knowledge database provides several performance and feedback reports. These provide the insights needed to optimise content and knowledge portals. Data from these reports can be extracted and enriched using the Analytics API.


Polly provides many customisation and integration methods. By using system input variables of third parties, accurate and fast automatic suggestions can be given to design the knowledge management platform. Next, Polly can be customised and integrated to infuse knowledge into any business system and the corresponding processes.


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