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From Contact Center Solutions to Knowledge Management

Our Journey to Empowering Businesses

Our team of experienced professionals, who have successfully implemented contact center solutions for large enterprises, has embarked on a mission to create an advanced and affordable knowledge management solution. Our platform boasts unique features that excel in terms of usability, affordability, architecture, knowledge-centric proposition, average time-to-deploy, as well as support and documentation. We are dedicated to ensuring that businesses have access to the best possible experience, and we are committed to delivering on this promise.

Operational Efficiency, Flexibility, Technological Advancements, Quality

The Future of Knowledge Management in Organizations

Polly has grown into a knowledge management system that has high added value for all employees within the organization, and we will continue this development steadily in the years to come. The Polly.Help team has been set up operationally efficiently, with flexibility and agility guaranteed. This makes it possible to anticipate and act on technological advances and developments in the market with a high standard of quality.

Highly motivated

We are driven to revolutionize knowledge management and empower businesses of all sizes.

At Polly.Help, we’re revolutionizing knowledge management to empower businesses of all sizes. Our platform eliminates system-wide discrepancies and provides easy access to knowledge. With flexible pricing options and tools, we’re THE go-to knowledge management platform for entire organizations. Join us in unlocking the power of knowledge!

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20+ years of experience in the CC and KM market
State-of-the-art platform that unlocks smart services
Efficient implementation method with hands-on support
Continuous feedback from customers incorporated into product innovation
Unique and quality product functionalities
Large partner network for resources and international reach
ISO27001 certified

Introducing the Polly.Help Team

A Culture of Purpose-Driven, Goal-Focused, and Sincere Professionals Built on Mutual Trust. We are a flexible team committed to delivering the best knowledge management engine to our clients. All our employees are KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service) certified and up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in Knowledge Management.

Peter Vleugels


Sander Cok

Solution Consultant

Bart Blommers

Product & Operations Manager

Stefan Mackaaij

Senior Business Consultant

Menno van der Gaag


Nico Kempe

Developer & ISMS Coordinator

Richard Kiewiet

Technical Lead

Cees Zwezerijn


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