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The hassles of modern knowledge management...

Are you customer support management, IT management, knowledge management or CIO, and do you recognize these challenges?

The costs

Unveiling the Hidden Costs and Risks of Poor Knowledge Management

Inefficient time-consuming & costly processes

Limited information access for contact center agents leads to customer frustration and decreased satisfaction.

Degraded customer and employee experience

Lack of relevant information hampers agent assistance, causing customer frustration and decreased satisfaction.

Loss of critical knowledge

Lack of documentation and sharing can result in the loss of valuable information and skills when employees depart.

Reduced competitiveness and adaptiveness

Knowledge management helps your organization's adaptability and innovation, strengthening your competitiveness.

Increased risk of compliance issues

Poor knowledge management raises compliance risks, such as data privacy and security breaches.

Inadequate decision-making

Poor information access leads to poor decision-making, hindering business success.

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Elevate customer and employee experiences

Next generation Independent Knowledge Management Engine
Processes & insights

Streamline Knowledge Management with Integration, Standardization, and Control

  • Customization and integration options available for knowledge portals and APIs
  • Utilize third-party input variables for quick, accurate auto-suggestions
  • Integrate and customize Polly.Help for seamless integration into business systems and processes.
  • Easy and single source access for employees
  • Helps the knowledge manager to ensure up-to-date, accurate and retrievable information
  • Supports information readiness when needed
  • Workflow, notifications, and reminders improve process efficiency and reduce errors
  • Help knowledge manager remind specialists of important tasks and deadlines
  • Enhances specialist involvement and reduces the chance of errors
  • Good metrics equal competitive advantages for the organization
  • Polly.Help offers knowledge base performance and feedback reports for optimization
  • Analytics API for custom reporting, with data extractions and enrichment is available.

Streamlined Knowledge Management & Collaboration Simplified

  • Enhance knowledge portal with built-in feedback mechanism
  • Get valuable insights from agents, employees, or customers on information effectiveness
  • Continuously improve content with suggestions from users
  • Defined set of actions for administrators and authors based on user roles
  • Content approval process for review before publication
  • Ensure quality and accuracy of content on knowledge portals.
  • Improved collaboration and teamwork
  • Fosters culture of knowledge sharing and learning
  • Leads to better decision-making and innovation.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure accuracy and up-to-date information
  • Improve decision-making and reduce risk.
Knowledge your way

Unleash Limitless Knowledge Access

  • AI-infused search improves content findability
  • Fine-tuned for precision and efficiency to improve customer experience
  • NLP for effective matching of user queries to stored content.
  • Knowledge management platform supports all global languages
  • Supports designing and building knowledge base in one language and translating into others
  • Reduces complexity and overhead of authoring in multiple languages.
  • Knowledge portals can be tailored to meet business needs and have public or secure access
  • Can be standalone or embedded within business systems
  • Provides context-based auto-suggestions.
  • Define a specific answer to a question per channel, such as phone, email, chat & website
  • A specific answer provides a more efficient response to the customer query
  • Accelerates the employee’s handling speed

Empowering Employees for Peak Performance

  • Progressive decision tree technology provides guided help for customers and advanced support for agents
  • Ensures compliance and provides the right service
  • Resolution guidance delivers step-by-step assistance for complex processes and troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge is structured to meet customer, agent, and employee needs
  • Polly.Help allows setting up multiple knowledge bases with corresponding taxonomies
  • Provides many navigation options for multiple business units, departments, locations, brands, or languages from a single repository.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Helps knowledge manager ensure employees focus on needed information
  • Reduces time spent searching for information.
  • Employees can access information and collaborate remotely
  • Helps knowledge manager ensure access to information for remote workers
  • Improves efficiency and productivity.

We perform with maximum security

The Polly.Help knowledge management platform is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. AWS has a proven track record in providing reliable, available/ dependable, and scalable cloud solutions and deploys the highest level of security in the industry based on industrial and governmental security practices.

Scalable and Available Knowledge Management with 99.9+% Uptime

  • Polly.Help knowledge management platform deployed on high-available cloud infrastructure
  • Can handle large volumes of information and growing user base
  • 99.9+% cumulative uptime over the last 5 years.

Polly.Help is ISO27001 certified

  • Polly.Help is ISO27001 certified, which means that we are fully compliant to the internationally recognized standards for information security management.
  • Polly.Help ensures that sensitive information is protected and enables continual improvement of our information security practices.

Get and stay compliant

With regulations and standards through informed employees.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

With complete and accurate information.

Shorten time-to-productivity

With effective training and onboarding.

Transform your business

The extraordinary power of Polly.Help's independent knowledge management engine.

The cutting-edge, future-proof solution that unlocks Seamless Access to Accurate Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime.


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Time to competence for new hires


Customer experience rates


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Contact centre escalations


Customers talk about how Polly.Help transformed their businesses

Polly.Help gave us an immediate 60% percent reduction on standard queries.

Anja Buitenman

Consumer Contact & Care Teamlead

Polly.Help helped us more than halve the after-work time from 4 minutes to 1.5 minutes per call.

Sjoerd Ottenheim

Service Advisor

Through Polly.Help, our front-line staff can handle more questions themselves and residents have the answer to their question faster.

Paul van Ladesteijn

Services Project Manager

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