Next generation knowledge management

Managing and sharing knowledge has never been easier with Polly knowledge management. Ensure the best customer experience on any channel and in any language.

Success stories

These organisations have successfully implemented Polly knowledge management and have improved their customer experience, employee productivity and sales while reducing their workload, training time and operational costs.

Delightful knowledge management

With Polly you implement a future-ready and integrable knowledge management platform to execute customer experience strategies and innovation.


No complicated systems but an administration console that is intuitive and user friendly. Content authors start working within minutes.

APIs and fully customizable

Polly knowledge management is fully adaptable to your wishes. For example, you can add contextual knowledge to your business processes, business systems and automation.

Fair licence fee

Unique, affordable, and fair price model: that is what we represent. Clients know exactly where they stand and what their costs will be.

Multilingual knowledge support 

The advanced search functions are supported by tools such as NLP and Typo Tolerance. With support in more than 75 languages, Polly knowledge management is accessible for everybody.

Quick to deploy and flexible 

Polly knowledge management from the cloud is secure and enterprise-ready. Our knowledge management solutions can go live within several days to weeks. 

Knowledge management software

Polly knowledge management has a clear focus and roadmap. Knowledge management processes identify content gaps, opportunities, and contributions.

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Polly knowledge management is the solution for companies and organisations that, among others, wish for a better customer and employee experience, less training time, and lower cost. Our cloud based knowledge database ensures that knowledge is always at hand at any given time and anywhere. So download our brochure now!

Curious about what to expect from this brochure? Among others things we will tell you more about:

Transforming the customer experience

Polly omnichannel knowledge management truly transforms the customer experience of companies and organisations. Effective implementation of knowledge management systems provides that knowledge is accessible in the various business systems. This is profitable for customers, client service representatives, and also helps employees from other departments, who are helped with it as well.

Proven ROI

The well implemented and maintained knowledge solutions of Polly ensure many measurable results. Our ROI is proven and has numerous advantages. Not only does the competitive position of companies and organisations improve, there is also a higher employee efficiency, less training time, lower operational costs, and a higher customer and employee experience. 

Knowledge management for your company or organisation

Improve the self-service on your website and employee efficiency level within your company or organisation with Polly knowledge management. Gather all available knowledge and offer this to customers and employees. Learn how you can achieve excellent self-service and many other advantages.