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BCC, as a subsidiary of the Darty Group, is one of the largest electronics retailers in the Netherlands and operates 71 brick-and-mortar stores in addition to having an online storefront.

BCC focuses on the price-conscious consumer. They offer a wide range of the most diverse electronics. Online and in all BCC stores you can count on good advice on your purchase.


Key to sharpen its sales and service were enhancements to the customer experience, improving operational efficiency, and offering customer-centric personalised service.

BCC needed a unified system that provided consistent access to critical knowledge. They quickly realised there was no way they’d meet these goals with the systems they had.


After a thorough examination of several vendors, they chose Polly to remove the underperforming knowledge base silos and migrate to a unified knowledge base solution that supports self-service and allows new channels like chat and social.

Polly knowledge management was implemented in stages at BCC. First an API-based web self-service portal was deployed and subsequently multiple internal knowledge portals were deployed for BCC employees.


Nowadays, knowledge is more accurate, more accessible, and agents and customers are more satisfied. BCC is seeing some pretty significant CX and AX improvements.

Within the first 3 months BCC had met or exceeded key success metrics, including a 15% improvement in first time resolution rates and a 25% improvement in handle time. Furthermore, escalations dropped 19% and ROI was achieved within 5 months.

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"We realised that when a new system went in, there would be a “shakedown” period while our people were getting used to it. But we were amazed at how quickly agent satisfaction went up. Literally in one day, we saw a 10% improvement based on a simple content like-for-like exchange."

BCC The Netherlands
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