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Evolve IP: Unified Communications as a Service for Hybrid Work


Revolutionizing Work with UCaaS

As our partner, Evolve IP leads the charge in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), reshaping the future of work for organizations of all sizes. Their unwavering focus on efficiency extends to seamlessly integrating our Polly.Help knowledge management solution into their robust suite of contact center solutions, including the Online Contact Center (OCC) by Enghouse Interactive.

Empowering Hybrid Work Environments

Evolve IP is at the forefront of empowering businesses to adopt hybrid work models, allowing employees to collaborate and communicate seamlessly, whether they are working from home, the office, or a hybrid workspace. Their UCaaS solutions unite top-tier communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, accessible through a single portal on any device.

Elevating Productivity and Experiences

Through centralized technology management, Evolve IP offers dependable, secure, and user-friendly solutions that enable businesses to adapt to evolving environments. They prioritize productivity enhancement and the enhancement of both employee and customer experiences. With a commitment to excellence, they serve as a dependable ally to IT professionals, providing seamless integration with existing systems and innovative communication solutions, simplifying the journey towards embracing the future of work.

Unified Contact Center Overview

Polly.Help, our knowledge management platform, is seamlessly integrated into Evolve IP’s Online Contact Center (OCC), enhancing the already feature-rich omnichannel experience. Evolve IP’s OCC provides a unified agent experience, and with Polly.Help’s integration, it empowers agents to access critical knowledge, ensuring a world-class customer interaction. Together, we connect agents with the information they need and enable them to build lasting relationships, all while collaborating seamlessly with the rest of your business. Polly.Help and Evolve IP make your contact center more efficient, engaging, and successful.

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