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KPN: Elevate Customer Interactions and Experiences with Innovation and Reliability


Strengthening Customer Interactions

KPN, our esteemed partner in telecommunications, boasts a diverse range of departments, including a dedicated Customer Experience department. Together, we are committed to enhancing customer interactions, setting the stage for exceptional experiences.

Seamlessly Integrated Knowledge Management

Within KPN’s expansive suite of contact center solutions, featuring industry leaders like Genesys Cloud and Mtel, our Polly.Help knowledge management solution seamlessly integrates. This integration empowers KPN’s customers with efficient and reliable access to vital information, fostering improved service delivery.

Innovating Telecommunications Together

Accessible via KPN’s API Store, Polly.Help offers the flexibility to integrate with various third-party applications, meeting diverse business needs. With KPN’s unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability, and online safety, our collaboration paves the way for organizations to excel in customer experiences while remaining at the forefront of telecommunications technology.


KPN introduced its KPN API Store in 2018, providing businesses with a platform for accessing digital building blocks, or APIs, to drive innovation in the digital realm. These APIs enable companies to create applications efficiently and cost-effectively, using standardized and reusable software components. The API Store serves as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of APIs, enhancing customer experiences and accelerating innovation while keeping costs low. KPN’s offerings include a variety of APIs, and the platform welcomes both experienced developers and organizations new to API integration, positioning itself as a valuable player in the expanding API economy, contributing to digital transformation and innovation in various sectors.

Polly.Help Knowledge Management API

The API allows your service agents to answer customer questions better, improving first contact resolution, and reducing contact center volume and contacts per order. The platform supports multiple languages and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to quickly find the most relevant information across a variety of sources.

It also supports the use of rich media, dynamic updates and collaborative authoring of articles. Built-in feedback loops allow service agents to rate article information, suggest improvements and ensure that articles are accurate, relevant and up to date.

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