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OBI4wan: Customer Engagement with Innovative Webcare, Chatbots and Omnichannel Service


Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Unlock Seamless Customer Engagement with OBi4wan’s Digital Solutions. They specialize in innovative webcare, messaging, chatbots, media monitoring, and data analysis to foster effortless interactions between customers and organizations.

A Decade of Digital Excellence

Part of the Spotler Group, OBi4wan brings over a decade of innovation and growth. With a vast portfolio of digital marketing and communication technologies, they connect thousands of marketers with customers through 15 billion messages annually.

Omnichannel Excellence with Polly.Help

Integrating seamlessly with Polly.Help’s knowledge management, OBi4wan enhances customer support. This collaboration often extends to contact center solutions, delivering a true omnichannel service experience. Explore OBi4wan’s award-winning solutions for harnessing the power of digital engagement.

OBI Engage and OBI Bots connectors

Unlock the full potential of your knowledge management with Polly.Help. We’re thrilled to announce that our platform is now seamlessly integrated with OBI Engage and OBI Bots, two of the exceptional product offerings from OBI4WAN. This integration empowers you to effortlessly manage and share knowledge, enhancing your customer engagement and bot interactions. Polly.Help is the key to maximizing the efficiency of your OBI4WAN solutions, providing a unified experience for your knowledge management needs. Elevate your customer service and chatbot capabilities with this powerful integration.

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