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Parley: Focus on Meaningful Interactions for Happier Customers and Better Outcomes


Revolutionizing Customer Contact

Parley (formerly Tracebuzz) redefines customer contact through social media and messaging, focusing on meaningful, efficient interactions.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Parley’s mission is to make customer interactions pleasant and efficient, believing it leads to better outcomes for both customers and businesses. They provide an efficient and secure messaging channel to enhance satisfaction.

Creating Joyful Customer Experiences

With Polly.Help knowledge management seamlessly integrated, Parley delivers a superlative omnichannel experience. Their commitment to simplicity, quality, and nurturing relationships ensures that every customer interaction is characterized by joy and satisfaction.

Parley Product Overview

Our Polly.Help knowledge management platform seamlessly integrates with Parley, encompassing both the Unified Inbox and Messaging. Parley’s Unified Inbox equips your KCC team with the tools they need to excel in modern customer interactions across various channels. With features like routing, traffic management, service level monitoring, and real-time analytics, Parley Inbox empowers KCC managers to boost employee satisfaction and maximize efficiency. This results in reduced AHT, higher NPS scores, and improved first-time issue resolution.

Parley Messaging, designed exclusively for KCCs, offers innovative and efficient customer communication. Its push notification system ensures instant customer updates, while a well-organized conversation history is accessible across multiple devices, enhancing both customer and KCC staff experience. By utilizing Parley Messaging behind the login (in a ‘My Environment,’ app, or ‘behind’ DigiD/iDIN), the platform ensures automatic personal verification, providing a secure and reliable communication solution. Polly.Help’s integration with Parley empowers your team to provide exceptional customer service and streamline interactions effortlessly.

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