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Sinch: Elevate Customer Engagement at Scale


Elevating Customer Communications

Sinch, the Customer Communications Cloud, leads the way in enabling businesses to engage in meaningful conversations at scale across messaging, voice, and email channels.

Seamless Integration for Omnichannel Excellence

Chatlayer by Sinch, their chatbot solution, effortlessly integrates with Polly.Help knowledge management, laying a robust foundation for comprehensive omnichannel customer experiences.

Excellence in Global Customer Engagement

Sinch, with a history dating back to 2008 and a global presence, is renowned for excellence in customer engagement. Serving a diverse clientele worldwide, they hold ISO 27001 certification, reflecting their unwavering commitment to data security and quality, ensuring the integrity and availability of your data.

Chatlayer by Sinch Product Overview

Elevate your chatbot experience to a new level with Polly.Help’s seamless integration into Chatlayer by Sinch. Chatlayer by Sinch offers advanced chatbot technology for more complex AI projects. If you’re already using Sinch Engage, you can effortlessly enhance your chatbot capabilities and deliver a superior customer experience, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. Supercharge your conversational abilities with Sinch Engage + Chatlayer.

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