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A.S. Watson Group Elevates Service with Polly.Help's Knowledge Management

A.S. Watson Health & Beauty

Unveiling the Retail Powerhouse: A.S. Watson Group

A.S. Watson Health & Beauty Benelux, housing iconic brands such as Kruidvat, Trekpleister, Prijsmepper, and ICI Paris XL, stands as a key facet within the A.S. Watson Group, the world’s largest health & beauty retailer. With an unmatched global reach, the group serves millions of customers weekly, spanning 53 countries through an extensive network of over 10,000 branches and boasting a workforce exceeding 100,000.

The Challenge

Navigating Omnichannel Complexity

Within the dynamic landscape of omnichannel e-commerce, A.S. Watson grappled with the intricate challenge of orchestrating harmonious and seamless customer experiences across an array of touchpoints and brand realms. Against the backdrop of ever-changing consumer behavior, the pursuit of cohesive service excellence throughout the customer journey emerged as an essential strategic pursuit. This endeavor required a meticulous balance of strategies to ensure unparalleled engagement and satisfaction.

The Solution

Transforming Customer Experience through Polly.Help's Centralized Knowledge Hub

A.S. Watson embarked on a journey to redefine its customer service landscape, partnering with Polly.Help to establish a robust omnichannel self-service solution. Leveraging Polly’s renowned expertise in the retail sector, this initiative encompassed multilingual self-service and assisted-service knowledge management, custom-tailored for each brand. This orchestrated a symphony of uniform, top-notch customer interactions across varied communication channels.

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A.S. Watson's Swift ROI through Multilingual Self-Service Excellence

The implementation of Polly.Help’s multilingual self-service and agent-guidance solutions yielded tangible results. Within a mere 3 months, A.S. Watson reaped the benefits of its investment. The impact was profound – web self-service contributed to a remarkable 34% reduction in inbound contacts, while first-contact resolution soared by an impressive 28%. Crucially, Polly.Help seamlessly accommodated the surge in web sales, eliminating the necessity for workforce expansion.

Unleashing Knowledge Portals Across Platforms
A.S. Watson’s commitment to enhancing service quality extended beyond customer interactions. The deployment of internal knowledge portals, first within the Odigo contact center platform and subsequently integrated into Genesys Cloud, showcases the versatility of Polly.Help. This underscores the platform’s capacity to serve as an independent, future-proof knowledge management solution, seamlessly adaptable to diverse third-party systems.

34% reduction in inbound contacts

28% improvement in average handle time

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