Customer Case

Empowering Barneveld with Enhanced Knowledge Management


Barneveld Municipality: Serving Residents with Tradition and Excellence

The Municipality of Barneveld, located in the heart of the Netherlands, caters to nearly 62 thousand residents. Renowned for its agricultural heritage, particularly in the poultry and egg industry, Barneveld offers a diverse array of services, from administrative assistance to social support, all aimed at ensuring resident-centric solutions.

The Challenge

Navigating Complexity in Knowledge Management​

Barneveld faced the intricate challenge of managing an extensive range of conversation topics, encompassing around 400 distinct products and services. The complexity often left first-line employees struggling to provide accurate and timely responses, leading to call transfers and caller dissatisfaction. The need for a comprehensive knowledge management solution arose to ensure efficient access to information and elevate first-line handling capabilities.
The Solution

Polly.Help Drives Transformation in Knowledge Management​

After a rigorous selection process, Barneveld chose Polly.Help as the ideal partner for their knowledge management needs. Polly.Help’s specialization in municipal operations demonstrated a deep understanding of the unique demands of local governments.

Polly.Help introduced a tool enabling first-line employees to independently manage diverse inquiries. Collaborative agreements between the Customer Contact Center (KCC) and other departments streamlined inquiry handling. The integration of Barneveld’s case management system with Polly.Help provided faster and more comprehensive responses to residents.

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Enhancing Satisfaction and Efficiency​

Implementing knowledge management led to remarkable outcomes for Barneveld. First-line employee proficiency increased with 25%, positively impacting response times and customer satisfaction. A 30% reduction in call transfers translated to enhanced efficiency in query resolution. Departments actively contributed to and updated articles, leading to a decrease in inquiry volume. Tailored answers for multiple communication channels like WhatsApp and Google messaging further elevated accessibility. Overall, knowledge management elevated employee capabilities, amplified customer experience, and optimized service efficiency in Barneveld.

25% improvement in first-line employee proviciency

30% reduction in call transfers

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