Customer Case

Empowering DPD with Polly.Help's Omnichannel Knowledge Solution


Unveiling DPD's Parcel Delivery Excellence

DPD Netherlands, a prominent force in parcel delivery, stands at the forefront of delivering standard and express parcels to a myriad of satisfied clients. Operating within the renowned international DPD network, they exhibit unrivaled expertise in the Dutch market. Effective communication with customers, prospective employees, and journalists remains paramount for DPD.

The Challenge

Navigating Complex Queries with Precision

While 80% of customer inquiries are routine and straightforward, the remaining 20% present intricate challenges. Addressing these complex queries accurately is vital, as misinformation could lead to escalated costs and customer discontent. On an operational level, DPD aimed to enhance first-call resolution, reduce call handling and wrap-up durations, and curtail the need for repetitive calls and escalations.

The Solution

Transforming Customer Experience with Polly.Help's Multilingual Self-Service Solution

In the pursuit of elevating customer service, DPD turned to Polly.Help, integrating advanced knowledge management technology and industry best practices. Polly.Help’s renowned knowledge management solution is a trusted partner for enterprises, consistently enhancing contact center performance, service quality, and overall customer experience.

Tailored Enhancements for DPD’s Ecosystem
DPD’s transformation story encompasses a comprehensive approach. We seamlessly deployed API-based web self-service portals into their WordPress Content Management System. This deployment integrates a multilingual knowledge base catering to both Dutch and English audiences. Additionally, our integration extended to DPD’s Shipper portal, effectively infusing knowledge into their daily operations.

Polly.Help’s collaboration with DPD culminated in a comprehensive transformation strategy. We introduced internal knowledge portals that empower customer service agents, enriching their capabilities to provide exceptional support. These portals seamlessly integrate into Salesforce Service Cloud, elevating agent efficiency and enabling swift issue resolution.

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Empowering Efficiency and Excellence

DPD’s partnership with Polly.Help has yielded remarkable results, underscoring the profound impact of streamlined knowledge management. The integration of knowledge portals into WordPress and Salesforce Service Cloud has fueled a 30% reduction in operational contacts, while simultaneously optimizing agent training by 25%. Agents can now handle increased call volumes with shorter handling times, redefining operational efficiency.

DPD’s journey stands as a testament to Polly.Help’s ability to revolutionize service quality and operational effectiveness through a multifaceted approach that aligns with organizational goals.

30% reduction in operational contacts

25% reduction in agent training time

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