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Transforming Customer Engagement: SVH's Journey with Polly.Help's Knowledge Management


Enhancing Customer Engagement at Social Housing Providers Haaglanden (SVH)

SVH stands as a beacon of cooperation in the realm of social housing and oversees a portfolio exceeding 148,000 homes. SVH’s core responsibilities encompass regional housing allocation management, coordinating and safeguarding management information, crafting, assessing, and overseeing regional performance agreements, and staunchly advocating for the interests of their member organizations while fostering knowledge exchange and experience sharing across SVH’s diverse operational domains. 

The Challenge

Meeting the Surging Demand with Incomplete Information

Social Housing Providers Haaglanden (SVH) faced a significant challenge in managing customer inquiries efficiently amid the escalating demand for social rental housing. With inadequate information and incomplete responses, they struggled to provide housing seekers with the assistance they needed. The surge in customer interactions, primarily via email, led to complications stemming from informational gaps.
The Solution

Polly.Help's Knowledge Management Transformation

To address these challenges, SVH initiated a Contact Center solution and established a centralized information hub. Polly.Help’s knowledge management platform played a crucial role in this transformation. They implemented a unified knowledge base that housed both internal and external responses to queries. This allowed SVH to respond promptly via both telephone and email, reducing the need for email inquiries. Work instructions in the form of knowledge articles became integral to onboarding new employees.

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Empowering the CCC and Enhancing Customer Experience

he adoption of Polly.Help’s platform brought about significant and impressive results for SVH. The implementation of web self-service was highly successful, leading to a remarkable 30% reduction in email inquiries, effectively alleviating the burden on the email support system. This strategic shift empowered housing seekers to independently access information, greatly enhancing their overall experience.

Furthermore, there was a notable 20% increase in agent efficiency, as the team could now swiftly access and provide accurate information to inquiries. The introduction of weekly reports tracking knowledge item access proved invaluable, fostering a culture of continuous improvement within SVH. This collaborative journey with Polly.Help not only enriched customer engagement but also empowered SVH’s team to confidently manage the platform, ensuring operational autonomy and adaptability in their mission to serve the community effectively.

30% reduction in e-mail inquiries 

20% increase in agent efficiency

Read the full interview with Romaana Ozir, Communications Officer within SVH


The Customer Contact Center (CCC) of Social Housing Providers Haaglanden (SVH) stands ready every weekday to serve approximately 170,000 registered housing seekers and housing corporations with property in the Haaglanden region. With a team of 8 employees, the CCC acts as an intermediary between housing providers and seekers, serving as the first point of contact for inquiries.

Polly.Help engages in a conversation with Romaana Ozir, Supervisor of the CCC and also a Communications Officer within SVH. Romaana provides insights into SVH’s operations and the pivotal role played by the CCC within the organization. She further delves into the necessity for effective knowledge management, the meticulous implementation process, and the substantial benefits derived from it.

“We are the Social Housing Providers Haaglanden (SVH), a multifaceted entity. On one side, we engage in policy collaboration with all housing corporations possessing properties in the Haaglanden region. On the other, we are recognized as Woonnet Haaglanden, the platform where housing corporations showcase their social rental properties and housing seekers place their applications. We oversee and administer the system and website.”

“We are the Social Housing Providers Haaglanden (SVH), a multifaceted entity. On one side, we engage in policy collaboration with all housing corporations possessing properties in the Haaglanden region. On the other, we are recognized as Woonnet Haaglanden, the platform where housing corporations showcase their social rental properties and housing seekers place their applications. We oversee and administer the system and website.”

“Our clientele primarily consists of housing seekers, with approximately 170,000 individuals currently on the register. Half of these actively pursue housing solutions. Additionally, we engage with representatives from Municipalities and collaborative partners.”

“The escalating housing shortage has translated into heightened demand for social rental housing. This surge in demand led to an uptick in customer interactions over the years. In 2018, we initiated a customer-centric vision project. The central query revolved around elevating the satisfaction levels of housing seekers.”

“The genesis of adopting knowledge management was rooted in the scarcity of information, which, in turn, resulted in incomplete responses and challenging scenarios during telephone interactions.”

“Before the inception of the CCC, our sole mode of communication was through email, with housing seekers engaging in telephone conversations with housing corporations. This often gave rise to complications stemming from inadequate responses or informational gaps.”

“Our customer vision project unveiled the need for a procedural overhaul. A business case was crafted, subsequently leading to the selection and implementation of a Contact Center solution. Simultaneously, the concept of establishing a centralized information hub, empowering employees with the requisite knowledge to offer informed guidance to housing seekers, took root. This culminated in the deployment of Polly.Help’s knowledge management platform.”

“At present, we offer accessibility through both telephonic and email channels, with a primary focus on bolstering telephonic availability. We manage an influx of around 4,000 calls per month, equivalent to 200 calls daily.”

“Indeed, you are correct. People seek homes, and unfortunately, we cannot always provide immediate solutions. During our customer interactions, we ensure the completeness of registration details to prevent housing seekers from being denied housing opportunities due to avoidable discrepancies. Although we may not always offer the desired outcome, our aim is for every interaction to leave the customer feeling heard and well-informed.”

“As we introduced telephony as an additional communication avenue, our objective was to manage email traffic efficiently and prevent overload. One of Polly.Help’s key advantages lies in its ability, when a subject is entered in the contact form, to automatically display standard knowledge base items. This significantly enhances the probability that housing seekers will locate answers independently, thereby reducing the need for email inquiries.”

“Polly.Help stands out due to its capacity to comprehensively house both internal and external responses to queries in a unified knowledge base. While internal responses remain accessible solely to colleagues, external responses are prominently showcased on our website. Moreover, Polly’s platform facilitates the registration of channel-specific responses per query, allowing us to respond promptly via both telephone and email.”
“We have also incorporated work instructions into the knowledge base in the form of knowledge articles. This has become an integral component of the onboarding process for new employees, with their initial day involving a dedicated period spent perusing Polly’s knowledge base to acquire essential information.”
“Another notable benefit is our receipt of weekly reports that track the frequency of knowledge item accesses, affording us insights into the most frequently posed questions.”
“Polly.Help serves as an invaluable tool for centralizing foundational information, thus providing a structured framework and steadfast support to CCC employees.”

“Our operations involve policy rules and exceptions, which evolve every few years. For instance, our income tables, determining the income criteria for various rental rates, undergo annual revisions.”
“Comprehending these nuances can be a daunting task for new CCC employees, and Polly.Help plays a pivotal role in simplifying this process. Polly.Help offers a robust mechanism for centralizing fundamental information, thereby offering clarity and guidance to CCC staff.”
“What I find particularly commendable about Polly.Help is its swift implementation of changes. We receive a wealth of insights from CCC employees, who interact directly with our customers, providing valuable feedback and recommendations. It’s reassuring to have complete autonomy and not be reliant on external providers for operational adjustments.”

“Polly.Help provided valuable guidance on configuring the knowledge base, including setting up decision trees, crafting articles, and employing appropriate keywords. Additionally, Polly’s user-friendly interface ensured a rapid comprehension of its functionalities. Remarkably, Polly’s knowledge base was up and running within a span of just 5 days, a period marked by an intensive effort to input all the knowledge from scratch.”

“Our collaboration with Polly.Help has been exceptionally productive. Initially, we received comprehensive assistance and guidance during the setup phase, ensuring that we understood every aspect of the platform. Subsequently, we found that Polly’s user-friendly design rendered further external support largely unnecessary. Once Polly.Help is fully configured, nearly any member of our team should be capable of managing it.”

“In the summer of 2023, a new website is slated for launch, with Polly.Help’s knowledge base poised to play a more prominent role. Presently, visitors access Polly’s knowledge base through the ‘Question & Answer’ link on the website. In the ensuing year, knowledge items from the knowledge base will be integrated with the website’s general search bar.”

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