Customer Case

A.S. Watson achieves 34% reduction in inbound contact with Polly's omnichannel solution

A.S. Watson Health & Beauty

Discover the World's Largest Health & Beauty Retailer: A.S. Watson Group

A.S. Watson Health & Beauty Benelux, with brands such as Kruidvat, Trekpleister, Prijsmepper, and ICI Paris XL, is part of the A.S. Watson Group.The A.S. Watson Group is the largest health & beauty retailer in the world, with 26 million customers every week, over 10.000 branches in 53 countries and more than 100.000 employees.

The Challenge

Tackles the Omnichannel Challenge

Omnichannel e-commerce is an emerging trend in the retail industry, where shoppers undertake journeys through many touchpoints to research, buy, and get service.A.S. Watson needed a solution to ensure that customers receive consistent and delightful services through all channels and brands.

The Solution

A.S. Watson Boosts Customer Experience with Centralized Knowledge Management of Polly.Help

A.S. Watson reached out to Polly to design and deliver omnichannel self-service based on its track record of success in the retail sector. The deployment included multilingual self-service and assisted-service knowledge management for all brands. Shopper interactions through all of these communication channels are serviced consistently, thanks to Polly.
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A.S. Watson Achieves Rapid ROI with Polly's Multilingual Self-Service Solution

The use of multilingual customer self-service and knowledge guidance for agents has proven to be extremely successful. ROI was achieved within 3 months, web-self-service realised an inbound contact reduction of 34%, first-contact-resolution improved with 28% and Polly accommodated the growth in web sales without the need to increase headcount.

-34% escalations

-28% average handle time