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Cloudoe: Expertise in Optimizing Customer Interactions with Genesys Cloud and AMI


Specialized Customer Contact Solutions

As our partner, Cloudoe specializes in crafting bespoke customer contact solutions, with a strong emphasis on Genesys Cloud technology. They have also developed their own Genesys Cloud application, the Advanced eMail Interface (AMI), available via the Genesys App Foundry.

Seamless Knowledge Management Integration

Cloudoe distinguishes itself through its expertise in seamlessly integrating our Polly.Help knowledge management solution into both Genesys Cloud and AMI, offering a comprehensive support system under the rebranded name Cloudia Help. Their approach begins with a thorough understanding of your organization’s needs and customer requirements, resulting in a tailored, scalable solution.

Empowering Consistent and Efficient Customer Service

Genesys Cloud empowers them to deliver consistent service experiences across all communication channels while leveraging data-driven insights, and AMI streamlines email management efficiently, achieving a 25% efficiency boost on average. With versatile integration options and a rich feature set, Cloudoe enables organizations to optimize customer interactions and enhance customer service operations.

Advanced eMail Interface - AMI

Experience a revolution in email support management with AMI Premium email services. Cloudoe understands the challenges you face, from tackling overflowing email queues to efficiently handling follow-ups with other departments and third parties. In fact, your customers may reach out before you get to their waiting emails. That’s where AMI steps in to make it all manageable.

The AMI Premium email services seamlessly integrate with Polly.Help Knowledge Management (KM) services, streamlining your customer support. You’ll have access to prepopulated answers that ensure swift and accurate responses. These responses are not just efficient but also presented in user-friendly templates, making maintenance a breeze. With the power of AMI, you can conduct comprehensive searches on both open and closed messages, including their body content, to provide the most relevant information.

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