Published 1 August 2023

KCS Essentials: Capturing and Structuring Knowledge with Polly.Help

Knowledge management is more than just storing data—it’s about capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge effectively. In this blog post, we explore the fundamental principles of KCS within the context of Polly.Help’s knowledge management platform and how it streamlines knowledge capture and structuring.

Capturing Knowledge the KCS Way

KCS emphasizes capturing knowledge as a natural part of resolving issues. Polly.Help’s KCS-compliant platform makes this effortless by encouraging real-time knowledge capture. Support agents can document and structure solutions as they work, ensuring knowledge is not lost in the process.

Structuring Knowledge for Accessibility

KCS promotes structured content, making it easier to locate and utilize knowledge resources. Polly.Help’s knowledge management tools provide dynamic structuring, ensuring content is organized, categorized, and ready for easy retrieval. This structure enhances the efficiency of your support teams and empowers users.

Aligning with KCS Principles

KCS principles are about leveraging knowledge as a byproduct of solving issues. Polly.Help’s KCS compliance aligns perfectly with these principles by promoting the capture of knowledge in the flow of work and structuring it for easy access. This ensures that your organization is well-prepared to deliver exceptional customer service.


Polly.Help, as a KCS-compliant platform, focuses on capturing and structuring knowledge effectively. By aligning with KCS principles, Polly.Help streamlines knowledge management, making it a valuable asset for delivering exceptional customer support.

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