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Pegamento: Intelligent, Efficient, and Personalized Customer Interactions


Pioneering Customer Interaction Transformation

Pegamento, a renowned specialist in RPA, AI, and CEM, is on a mission to redefine customer interactions, infusing them with intelligence, efficiency, and personalization.

Powering Contact Centers with Contextual Intelligence

At the heart of this transformation lies Pegamento’s seamless integration of Polly.Help knowledge management into Sprinklr, their contact center solution. Now, this powerful Polly.Help solution is available as a white-label offering, known as “knowledge base”, formerly Britannica.

Elevating Customer Experiences with Innovation

Pegamento’s unwavering commitment to enhancing customer experiences takes center stage, empowering organizations to provide exceptional customer support through their Sprinklr-powered contact centers while harnessing the benefits of contextual intelligence.

Knowledge Base from Pegamento

Our Knowledge Base’s online, highly intelligent software serves as your exclusive repository of knowledge, providing swift and efficient answers to all customer inquiries. This solution eliminates the need to rely on scattered knowledge within employees’ minds, scattered documents, and disparate intranet resources. Instead, it centralizes all company knowledge into one accessible, consistent, dynamic platform that seamlessly integrates with RPA, AI, your company website, and more.

In essence, it transcends the traditional definition of a knowledge base. By offering insights into the most frequently asked questions, it empowers you with a profound understanding of your customers’ needs. This, in turn, allows you to reclaim valuable time and energy previously spent addressing routine customer inquiries, enabling you to focus on more complex customer questions and other critical tasks. As a result, customer satisfaction is significantly enhanced.

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