Key Features of the Advanced Platform

All Essential Platform Features


Facilitating real-time conversations and collaboration, Dialogue ensures seamless communication and teamwork. Users can create threads, reply to messages, and tag colleagues, streamlining decision-making processes. It promotes knowledge sharing and enhances productivity by providing a centralized platform for engaging discussions within your organization.

Context Fields

Context Fields serve as metadata containers, capturing pertinent details alongside content items within your platform. They provide additional information such as keywords, categories, or relevant dates, enriching content with contextual relevance. By incorporating Context Fields, users can easily filter, search, and organize content, enhancing discoverability and usability across the platform.


Actions are task-oriented functionalities integrated into your platform, enabling users to perform specific operations or workflows seamlessly. They streamline processes by providing predefined actions such as editing, sharing, or assigning tasks, facilitating efficient task management and workflow automation. With Actions, users can accomplish tasks swiftly, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations within your platform.

IP Restrictions

IP Restrictions are security measures that control access to your platform based on users' IP addresses. By setting up IP restrictions, you can specify which IP addresses or ranges are allowed or denied access to your platform. This enhances security by ensuring that only authorized users from designated locations can access sensitive information or perform certain actions within your platform, thus mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.


Experience the power of a transformed knowledge management process: book your demo

Experience the power of a transformed knowledge management process: book your demo