Key Features of the Essential Platform


Keep everything running smoothly by managing users, permissions, and platform settings with precision and ease.


Knowledge experts who provide frontline support. They leverage the platform to access and share information swiftly, ensuring quick resolution of queries and effective communication across the board.


Your core workforce. They rely on the platform to stay informed, collaborate effectively, and drive productivity within the organization.

Omnichannel Elements

Features that ensure consistent and seamless user experience across various channels, including web, mobile, email, and social media. They enable efficient communication and interaction with users regardless of their preferred platform, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.


Informative pieces of content providing valuable insights, instructions, or explanations on various topics. They serve as a cornerstone of knowledge sharing and are easily accessible to users seeking information or guidance.

Decision Trees

Interactive visual tools that guide users through a series of steps to help them make informed choices or navigate complex processes. They simplify decision-making and streamline workflows by presenting options and outcomes in a clear and structured manner.


Curated sets of related content, such as articles, documents, or multimedia resources, organized for easy access and reference. They enable users to explore and discover relevant information on specific topics or themes efficiently.


Customized gateways that provide users with personalized access to relevant content, tools, and resources based on their roles or interests. They streamline navigation and enhance user experience by presenting tailored information within a dedicated interface.


Seamless integrations that link your platform with external web services, allowing for enhanced functionality, data sharing, and automation. They enable smooth communication and collaboration between your platform and other online tools or systems.

Item Filters

Tools that enable users to refine and narrow down search results or content views based on specific criteria or attributes. They enhance navigation and facilitate efficient access to relevant information within the platform.

Synonyms - Keywords

Functionality allowing users to associate alternate terms with specific keywords, improving search accuracy and content discoverability. They ensure that users can find relevant information even if they use different terminology.

External Links

Hyperlinks leading users to resources or websites outside the platform, providing additional information or context related to the content being viewed. They expand the breadth of available information and enrich the user experience by offering access to relevant external sources.


Labels or keywords assigned to content items to categorize and organize them thematically. They facilitate easy search and navigation, allowing users to quickly locate relevant information across the platform.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality integrated into your user management system, enabling users to access the platform using their existing credentials from other authenticated services. It simplifies user authentication and enhances security by centralizing access control and reducing password fatigue.

File Storage

A secure repository for storing images and multimedia files. It provides users with a centralized location to upload, organize, and access essential resources, ensuring data integrity and easy retrieval whenever needed.


Application Programming Interfaces that allow seamless interaction between your platform and external systems or applications. They enable developers to integrate and extend platform functionality, facilitating data exchange and workflow automation.


Comprehensive analytics and insights functionality that provides valuable data on user activity, content performance, and platform usage. It enables administrators to track progress, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize platform effectiveness.


Experience the power of a transformed knowledge management process: book your demo

Experience the power of a transformed knowledge management process: book your demo