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Seamless Customer Experiences: A Collaboration with Studio Winegum


Unleash Excellence with Studio Winegum

Elevate your customer service game with Studio Winegum, our esteemed partner renowned for pioneering digital transformations in customer interactions. From expert knowledge management to innovative conversational design implementations, Studio Winegum ensures your customer service not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Empowering Customer Engagement Through Expert Knowledge Management

At Polly.Help, we are thrilled to introduce our esteemed partner, Studio Winegum, a trailblazer in the digital transformation of customer interactions. Specializing in designing, implementing, and maintaining customer service solutions, Studio Winegum stands out as a Dutch powerhouse adept at navigating both established enterprises and dynamic startups. With a profound understanding of customer service software, chatbot tools, and knowledge management systems, they bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Crafting Happiness and Reducing Workload

Studio Winegum goes beyond conventional approaches, striving to enhance workplace satisfaction and alleviate pressure across various departments, including marketing, communication, IT, operations, content, and sales. Their commitment lies in elevating service standards to achieve heightened customer satisfaction, increased conversion rates, and lower operational costs. By focusing on minimizing ‘waste contact,’ they address the fact that 70% of customer interactions can be streamlined. Through six key service pillars, Studio Winegum propels organizations toward a desired self-service level, ensuring a more efficient and future-ready customer service experience.

Future-Ready Solutions in 100 Days

In just 100 days, Studio Winegum pledges to transform your customer service, adding a shine that prepares your business for the future. Beyond casual weekend discussions at the lunch table, Studio Winegum is at the forefront of AI developments, constantly exploring its impact on digital customer service. Join forces with Polly.Help and Studio Winegum to infuse your customer service with innovation, knowledge management prowess, and a commitment to enhancing both customer and employee experiences.

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