Knowledge Management Platforms

Start small, grow big!


Unlock Success
Begin your organization’s Knowledge Management journey with our Essential Platform. Tailored for quick and easy deployment within one department, this option offers in-depth knowledge management features. Our platform ensures a seamless start, allowing you to enhance knowledge management effortlessly. Get your team on the path to success with powerful features right from the start.


Elevate Your Enterprise
Expand your knowledge management impact across multiple departments with our ADVANCED platform. This platform empowers both agents and employees with valuable knowledge, promoting collaboration, innovation, and efficiency throughout your organization. Enjoy ultimate versatility and scalability with our KM platform, which includes all the features of the Essential platform plus extra features for enhanced performance.


Pinnacle of Knowledge Management
For forward-thinking organizations seeking maximum knowledge integration and control, the PREMIUM platform is the ultimate choice. Dive into AI-enhanced workflows, easy content maintenance, and unmatched efficiency. Empower your subject matter experts and ensure your entire content ecosystem flourishes. Plus, this platform includes all the features of the Essential and Advanced platforms, and more.
  • Extend seamless knowledge sharing from individual departments to the entire organization
  • Elevate knowledge sharing efforts to encompass the entire enterprise effortlessly
  • Empower all departments with robust knowledge sharing tools for collective success
  • Seamlessly support multiple languages within the knowledge management platform
  • Ensure content within the platform is accessible in various languages to accommodate diverse user bases.
  • Provide localized experiences for users in different regions by offering content in their preferred languages.
  • Facilitate cross-border collaboration and knowledge sharing by providing multilingual tools and resources within the platform.
  • Access knowledge resources securely through encrypted and protected user portals within the knowledge management platform.
  • Empower users to independently find solutions and resolve issues via intuitive self-service options integrated into the knowledge management platform.
  • Utilize authentication mechanisms to verify user identities and control access to knowledge resources within secured portals.
  • Enable users to access self-service features and knowledge resources round-the-clock, enhancing convenience and support availability within the knowledge management platform.


Subscription add-ons

Make your subscription even better with extra options that suit your organization. Upgrade your plan by adding special features for a personalized solution. Discover how you can customize your subscription to fit your needs perfectly.

Temporarily grants your organization a higher amount of subsciptions during peak hours/months, beyond the regular subscriptions.

Provide customers with instant access to searchable resources, including FAQs and tutorials. Feedback mechanisms ensure continual improvement. Streamline your support processes and boost the customer satisfaction.

Instant connections to common tools without much setup. Expand functionality, automate tasks, and improve collaboration. These integrations save time, enhance productivity, and adapt easily to evolving needs.

In our knowledge management platform, AI functionality allows for customized responses to user queries, leveraging information stored in the knowledge base. It also assists in content creation by generating suggestions, completing drafts, or providing guidance based on user input and existing content. This versatile tool enhances user interactions and streamlines content creation processes within the platform.

Provide a safe space for developers to test software changes before deploying them live. It facilitates thorough testing, debugging, and version control, ensuring software stability. 


Professional Services

At, our team will make sure we’re flexible and efficient when we put things into action.


Design Phase

Build Phase


Test Phase


4-8 weeks

Content import

Easily move your content to our platform with our special script. It keeps your formatting, organization, links, and files intact for a seamless switch.

Content Optimization

Improve your knowledge base content with our specialized Content Optimization Service. Our experts use AI tools to keep enhancing your Knowledge Management (KM) system, giving you the best results.

System Integrations

Tailor our knowledge management platform to fit your needs perfectly. Our dedicated team will work with you to customize and integrate it according to your requirements, ensuring a solution that's just right for your business.

Interim Services

Simplify change management challenges with our interim services. Work with management consultants to set up processes and responsibilities that match your knowledge management goals. Seamlessly integrate effective change strategies into your business.

Transform you business

Professional Services Add-Ons

Improve your implementation journey with our professional services add-ons, going beyond our standard technical process. Designed to help clients reach their business goals, these services aid in setting up a well-structured knowledge base and related processes. Elevate your experience and drive your business forward with our complete range of professional services.


Experience the power of a transformed knowledge management process: book your demo

Experience the power of a transformed knowledge management process: book your demo