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Upstream Works: Elevating Customer Experience with Innovative Solutions


Pioneering Customer Experience Excellence

For over two decades, Upstream Works has been a pioneering force in the contact center arena, dedicated to empowering organizations to exceed their customer experience aspirations.

Adaptable Solutions for the Modern Customer Landscape

Upstream Works commitment to innovation and leadership shines through as they collaborate with partners and customers to develop adaptable solutions tailored to the ever-evolving landscape of customer needs. Their integrated, omnichannel CX engagement solutions cater to all organizational requirements, flexing seamlessly to meet changing business dynamics.

Seamless CX Integration with 'Upstream Works Assist'

Discover what sets Upstream Works apart – their unwavering dedication to comprehensive customer experiences. This commitment extends to their integration of Polly.Help knowledge management, now available as a white-label solution called “Upstream Works Assist.” Whether used standalone or layered atop platforms like Cisco and Amazon Connect, Upstream Works ensures harmonious contact center operations, delivering frictionless customer interactions and unlocking the potential for exceptional customer experiences and long-term business growth.

Upstream Works Assist

Upstream Works Assist knowledge management empowers contact center agents with swift access to precise information while also introducing a user-friendly self-service avenue for customers. This collaborative and shareable knowledge base enhances the customer experience by enabling information access across all communication channels throughout the organization, resulting in quicker issue resolutions and contented customers.

Intelligent AI-Powered Knowledge Base for Effective Knowledge Management

Upstream Works Assist serves as a centralized knowledge base equipped with Super Search capabilities and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver accurate responses. With its intelligent navigation and AI-driven functionalities, it offers exceptional content discoverability and context-aware content recommendations. The versatile publishing tools support the inclusion of rich media, including hyperlinks, images, and videos, facilitating the enhancement of knowledge content.

Additionally, this knowledge management system provides personalized knowledge bases tailored to meet specific user, departmental, and business requirements. Agents, digital workers, and customers benefit from diagnostic support features, such as Article and Article Variants, Decision Tree Visualization, Collections, and Publications. Furthermore, a robust set of reports and analytics tools provides valuable insights into article usage, knowledge gaps, opportunities, and contributions, allowing for enhanced solution flexibility and the consolidation of multiple knowledge repositories into a single, centralized database.

Upstream Works Expert Assist and Customer Assist further empower agents and customers by offering quick access to informative content and self-service options, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of issue resolution and the overall customer experience.

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