Customer Case

Revolutionizing Knowledge Management with Polly.Help at Audax


Pioneering Excellence in Media and Retail

Audax has solidified its presence in publishing and retail, overseeing print media distribution, bookshop management, and multimedia store operations. With an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch content and products, Audax stands out as a versatile player in the media and retail sectors.

The Challenge

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Audax faced a critical challenge during the transition from Oracle to the Genesys Omnichannel Contact Center application. The integration with Oracle Knowledge was less seamless than expected, prompting a search for a more user-friendly knowledge management solution.
The Solution

Streamlining with Polly.Help

The pursuit led Audax to Polly.Help and our partner CLOUDOE , chosen for its seamless integration with the Genesys platform, effectively addressing the company’s knowledge management needs.

The existing knowledge base from Audax has been seamlessly imported into the Polly.Help knowledge management platform. Multiple internal and external knowledge portals have been established for various brands, such as Bruna and Readshop, serving the Benelux market in multiple languages.

Furthermore, Polly.Help has been seamlessly integrated into Genesys, optimizing processes through standardized content and knowledge guidance. The primary objective was to establish an intelligent system for efficient knowledge management, integrating continuous feedback loops to enhance the overall user experience.

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Elevating Customer Service Excellence

The integration of Polly.Help into Audax’s Genesys platform has produced significant positive outcomes. Polly.Help brought efficiency and user-friendliness to Audax’s knowledge management processes. The streamlined workflow, empowered by standard content and knowledge guidance within Genesys, enabled the Audax team to promptly address customer queries and issues.

Polly.Help’s implementation fostered a more organized and structured approach to customer support. Access to high quality content with corresponding instructions facilitated smoother responses to customer inquiries, especially in handling common scenarios like returns or damaged items. This transformation in knowledge management has not only boosted efficiency but has also enhanced the overall quality of customer support at Audax.

15% improvement in customer satisfaction

20% reduction in average handeling time

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