Customer Case

Advancing Knowledge Management for Enhanced Customer Support at Babboe


Pioneering Cargo Bikes Worldwide

Babboe, the global leader in cargo bikes, has been crafting safe and affordable cargo bikes for 15 years, catering to diverse needs such as family transportation, pet mobility, and business freight solutions.

The Challenge

Knowledge Organization Hurdles at Babboe

Babboe encountered difficulties in organizing and digitizing knowledge, particularly in customer interactions. The absence of a centralized knowledge base led to inefficiencies in addressing customer queries, necessitating a streamlined system for enhanced customer support.
The Solution

Revolutionizing Knowledge Management with Polly.Help

Babboe adopted Polly.Help as its Knowledge Management platform, revolutionizing the organization of information. Polly.Help centralized and digitized knowledge, offering easy access for both employees and customers. The platform facilitated the creation of a structured, multilingual knowledge base, empowering agents to efficiently find information and respond effectively to customer queries.

Innovative Integrations

Collaborating with website builder Redkiwi, an API-based web self-service integration was established, deploying knowledge items on the website and product pages. Our partner Cloudoe, integrating within the customer interaction software Genesys, developed an API-based solution offering auto suggestions and predefined templates for email responses.

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Positive Outcomes Post Polly.Help Implementation

The implementation of Polly.Help brought forth positive outcomes for Babboe. Customer interactions became more organized, with Polly.Help streamlining email contacts, saving time, and ensuring response consistency. The integration of web solutions and high-quality articles led to a 10% increase in self-service engagement. Employee onboarding became more efficient, experiencing a reduction in training time for new hires, thanks to the guidance provided by the knowledge base.

Support efficiency saw a marked improvement of 15%, showcasing a positive trajectory in Babboe’s knowledge management journey. This case study underscores how Babboe successfully enhanced its knowledge management practices, resulting in improved customer support, streamlined training, and increased overall efficiency.

10% reduction in contact center volume

15% improvement in support efficiency

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