Customer Case

Empowering Customer Service Excellence: Charity Lotteries' Journey with Polly.Help


Enabling a Compassionate Mission with Knowledge Management

Charity Lotteries NV, the driving force behind renowned lotteries such as the Dutch Postcode Lottery and the FriendsLottery, channels its efforts into funding charitable initiatives for a more equitable and eco-friendly world. Navigating growth and evolution, the amalgamation of VriendenLoterij and Nationale Postcode Loterij has created a dynamic philanthropic force.

A case study conducted by Cloudoe in partnership with Polly.Help.

The Challenge

Enhancing Complex Information Delivery Through Streamlined Processes

Charity Lotteries embarked on a mission to overcome the challenges posed by intricate information delivery processes. With a commitment to providing exceptional service, the organization found itself grappling with time-consuming and error-prone methods of information provisioning. The disjointed nature of their existing content systems further exacerbated the problem, impeding the efficient creation, search, and delivery of vital information.
As a consequence, Charity Lotteries faced an overwhelming surge in 1st line service desk requests, straining resources and impacting their ability to deliver prompt and accurate support to their stakeholders. The need to transform this information landscape and enhance user experiences emerged as a pressing priority, prompting Charity Lotteries to seek a transformative solution that could address their complex information delivery challenges head-on.
The Solution

Polly.Help's Transformative Features for Charity Lotteries

Polly.Help emerged as the comprehensive solution. With robust knowledge and content authoring tools, seamless integration with Genesys Cloud, and API-based portals, Polly.Help delivered precisely what Charity Lotteries required for efficient information management. Partnering with Cloudoe, the Advanced eMail Interface (AMI) plugin was implemented atop the Genesys Cloud platform. The AMI module intelligently suggests content based on customer context and intent, empowering agents with accurate knowledge items at their fingertips, further enriched by AI-generated personalized responses.

Enhanced Knowledge Portals for Targeted Impact

Multiple knowledge portals with personalized content were set up for each target group, spanning Charity Lotteries’ contact center, serviced brands, and outsourced contact centers. This unified approach ensured that every interaction was well-informed and tailored to the specific audience, all facilitated through a single knowledge management platform.

Efficiency Amplified: Automated Workflow Integration

Charity Lotteries harnessed the power of multiple web forms to collect customer information efficiently. Leveraging automation, these forms were integrated into their business processes to initiate workflows tailored to handle various service requests seamlessly.

Empowering Support with AI: Integrating ChatGPT 

Polly.Help’s impact extended beyond human interactions, integrating the entire knowledge base with a chatbot powered by ChatGPT. This integration provided additional support to contact center agents, employees, and customers through web self-service, ensuring round-the-clock assistance.

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Elevating Efficiency and Empowerment at Charity Lotteries

Polly.Help’s integrated knowledge portals led to a remarkable 27% decrease in service escalations for Charity Lotteries. Notably, during peak periods like the New Year’s Eve Drawing, our platform efficiently handled 350,000 customer requests within an hour. This solution contributed to a 31% increase in first contact resolution and a significant 19% boost in agent efficiency.

Our seamless integration with Cloudoe’s AMI plugin and Freeday’s AI chatbot further elevated knowledge utilization and service quality. Each outgoing email also includes a link to our web self-service page, enhancing user convenience.

27% reduction in service escalations

31% improvement in first contact resolution

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