Customer Case

Revolutionizing Knowledge Management with Polly.Help at a Rental Commission


A Beacon in Housing Regulation

Discover how this Rental Commission, a pivotal organization within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is reshaping the housing market’s dynamics, particularly in low-density housing for both tenants and landlords. With a commitment to fair rent prices and seamless communication between stakeholders, the Rental Commission stands at the forefront of adapting to legislative changes.

The Challenge

Navigating Growth with Grace

The Rental Commission encountered substantial challenges amid organizational expansion, notably with a doubling workforce. The surge in employees underscored the critical need for effective internal communication, streamlined information sharing, and robust knowledge management. Transitioning to hybrid work models and establishing a customer contact center added complexity to maintaining a cohesive information flow, employee training, and managing an influx of inquiries.
The Solution

Empowering Efficiency with Polly.Help

To tackle these knowledge management challenges, the Rental Commission implemented a comprehensive solution in cooperation with our partner Evolve IP. This involved the establishment of a Customer Contact Center and an advanced knowledge management platform. The integration of Evolve IP and Polly.Help SaaS products became the linchpin for efficient communication and consistent information sharing. Collaborating with Capgemini, the Rental Commission developed an intranet seamlessly integrating Polly.Help into Microsoft SharePoint, creating a robust platform for knowledge sharing.

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A Leap into Success

The implementation of the Customer Contact Center and the integration of the Polly.Help knowledge management platform have delivered remarkable outcomes. Within a remarkably short timeframe, the organization has witnessed a successful rollout of these solutions. The Knowledge Platform is steadily being enriched with information, and the Customer Contact Center is adept at managing a growing number of inquiries with unwavering consistency. Future endeavors include a continuous quest for improvement, potential AI integration, and addressing website platform limitations to further elevate Knowledge Management processes.

The Rental Commission’s journey with Polly.Help marks a significant evolution in navigating the complexities of organizational growth. As they stride into the future, the integration of innovative solutions, from Customer Contact Centers to advanced Knowledge Platforms, positions the Rental Commission as a trailblazer in efficient and effective housing market regulation. Polly.Help stands as a cornerstone in this transformative journey, empowering the Rental Commission to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of their responsibilities with unparalleled efficiency.

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20% improvement in employee efficiency

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