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Mediahuis Noord Streamlines Customer Support with Integration


Enhancing Customer Engagement at Social Housing Providers Haaglanden (SVH)

SVH stands as a beacon of cooperation in the realm of social housing and oversees a portfolio exceeding 148,000 homes. SVH’s core responsibilities encompass regional housing allocation management, coordinating and safeguarding management information, crafting, assessing, and overseeing regional performance agreements, and staunchly advocating for the interests of their member organizations while fostering knowledge exchange and experience sharing across SVH’s diverse operational domains.

The Challenge

A Disjointed Solution

The customer contact center at Mediahuis Noord previously relied on a somewhat makeshift solution, as described by Didi van der Plas, the Customer Contact Center Manager. This solution comprised disparate components, including an outdated telephone system and separate systems for webcare and chat. A pressing need arose for a unified routing platform to streamline operations, leading Mediahuis Noord to choose Genesys Cloud Contact Center as their solution after evaluating various options. The omnichannel Genesys contact center went live in December 2019, consolidating all communication channels and simplifying the prioritization and distribution of customer queries.
The Solution

Integrating with Genesys

Roger Hendrikx, Account Manager for Customer Contact Solutions, provided guidance during the implementation process. He introduced Mediahuis Noord to knowledge management as a valuable addition to Genesys, leveraging the KPN API Store, which had received positive feedback from other clients. offered a quick and intuitive way for contact center agents to find answers to customer inquiries.

Van der Plas explained that while they did have a knowledge base previously, it was housed in a different system and lacked comprehensive features. Following Roger’s recommendation, she visited a Dutch multinational that also utilized integrated with Genesys. Impressed by its functionality, Mediahuis Noord proceeded to implement the integration with the assistance of KPN Genesys engineers.

Mediahuis Noord’s customer contact center manages queries for over 40 brands, often employing students with limited availability. has provided them with a knowledge repository accessible to both employees and customers. With a single click within Genesys, users can access all relevant information about each brand. offers not only advanced search capabilities but also the ability to easily share answers via various channels such as chat and email. Each channel has tailored responses; for example, an email response might be more detailed than one for Twitter. is also integrated with Mediahuis Noord’s websites, ensuring that FAQs are automatically updated. Furthermore, the platform’s analytics feature provides valuable insights into its usage, allowing Mediahuis Noord to address any shortcomings promptly.

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The Power of

Since the integration of in February 2020, Van der Plas has observed significant improvements in the customer contact center. They now have a single source of truth, enabling employees to search quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need to sift through emails or various files as they did previously. If information is missing, the back office takes responsibility for updating it. has also resulted in substantial cost savings. Van der Plas estimates saving approximately €400 per week due to the deployed web self service portals on their websites. Internally, the savings come from increased efficiency and a higher first-time fix rate. Notably, it has led to a 30 percent reduction in email volume.

30% reduction in e-mail inquiries 

20% increase in agent efficiency

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