Customer Case

Mediq Streamlines Processes with Polly.Help's Knowledge Management Platform


Unveiling Mediq – A Dominant Force in Pharmacy

In its evolution from product-centric to customer-centric operations, Mediq, a key player in the medical supply sector, extends its influence across more than 15 countries. Renowned for providing pharmaceuticals and vital medical resources, Mediq operates through an extensive network of proprietary pharmacies, direct patient services, and strategic collaborations with franchises.

The Challenge

Cultivating Seamless Knowledge Flow and Operational Excellence

Navigating a dynamic industry landscape, Mediq embarked on a profound transformation, pivoting its core focus from products to customers. Central to this transformation was the imperative to facilitate frictionless information dissemination, a cornerstone for operational efficiency. Recognizing the pivotal role of knowledge sharing, Mediq sought a robust knowledge management system to elevate its operations.

The Solution

Polly.Help – A Catalyst for Transformation

Mediq’s journey commenced with the implementation of the Polly.Help knowledge management system. This innovative platform was meticulously designed to centralize information, dismantle information silos, and empower employees with swift and accurate access to knowledge. Careful attention was dedicated to the platform’s interface, ensuring usability and speed for seamless information access.

Unveiling Knowledge Challenges and System Selection

Hein Terwindt, Mediq’s Knowledge Manager, shed light on the inefficiencies of their previous system, which relied on email exchanges for inquiries, often leading to information bottlenecks. Hilde van Gestel, Lead for Customer Experience & Quality, emphasized ad hoc information sharing practices and the use of manual notes. The transformative process began with identifying frequently asked questions, followed by a comprehensive review and validation of existing knowledge. This effort unveiled outdated information and discrepancies, emphasizing the need for a holistic knowledge management platform.

Elevate Logo

Enhancing Efficiency and Elevating Customer Experience

The implementation yielded tangible enhancements. A remarkable 35% surge in first-contact resolution underscored the significant improvement, while a substantial 30% reduction in content authoring time translated to valuable time savings per article. With over 1,500 knowledge items now available, weekly consultations demonstrated steady growth, stabilizing around 5,000 per week. These achievements were driven by meticulous processes, including rigorous review, feedback integration, and seamless incorporation of new information.

Elevated Satisfaction for Customers and Employees

The impact resonates with both customers and employees, as evidenced by consistently high satisfaction ratings averaging 8.3 out of 10. Employees now access a dependable knowledge repository, reducing reliance on immediate assistance and augmenting employee satisfaction. Furthermore, the platform contributed to accelerated training and improved call quality for customer contact agents, ultimately enhancing customer interactions and call durations.

35% improvement in first-contact-resolution

30% reduction in content authoring time

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