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Nijmegen's Journey with Polly.Help's Knowledge Powerhouse


Bridging History and Modernity in Nijmegen

Nijmegen, the Netherlands’ ancient city, elegantly merges its rich historical heritage with contemporary urban dynamics. As a vibrant part of the Arnhem-Nijmegen metropolitan area, this city resonates with the bustling activities of its 750,000 residents, making it a unique blend of the past and present.

A case study conducted by Pegamento in partnership with Polly.Help.

The Challenge

Crafting Quality in Complexity

In the realm of municipal operations, Nijmegen grappled with the multifaceted challenges of maintaining operational efficiency while upholding service excellence. Amidst the intricate web of responsibilities, addressing diverse citizen queries swiftly and maintaining effective communication emerged as pivotal objectives. The pursuit of a solution that could harmonize these demands led Nijmegen to embark on a journey of transformation.

The Solution

Pioneering Change through Citizen-Centric Approach

Nijmegen embarked on its transformational journey by focusing on the Citizen Service Center – the heart of their engagement with the public. Leveraging the capabilities of Polly.Help’s advanced knowledge platform, processes were streamlined, guaranteeing consistent responses and prompt resolutions. This strategic move laid the foundation for a broader organizational metamorphosis.

Expanding the Triumph: A Citywide Revolution

The success story at the Citizen Service Center ignited a wave of change. Just like the resonance of a melody, other departments including Counter, Back-Offices, and the Specialized Tax Department harmonized with the transformative vision. This collective yearning for operational efficiency set in motion a seamless transformation across the entire organizational spectrum.

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Redefining Municipal Excellence

Nijmegen’s commitment to knowledge empowerment yielded remarkable results, redefining their municipal landscape. Customer service costs experienced a notable decrease of 21%, amplifying financial efficiency. Furthermore, a staggering 20% boost in agent productivity propelled service quality to unprecedented heights. The return on investment was accomplished within an impressive 7-month span, underlining the financial prowess of the implemented solution.

The Power of ‘Start Small, Scale Big’: Nijmegen’s Blueprint

Nijmegen’s narrative serves as an inspiring model for the ‘start small, scale big’ philosophy. By achieving undeniable success in a strategic area, the city set the stage for a comprehensive organizational revolution. The outcome? A dynamic knowledge hub that empowers Nijmegen’s diverse endeavors.

21% reduction in customer service costs

20% increase in agent productivity

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